Construction Certificate & Occupation Certificate Process

1. Development Consent

The Development Consent is issued by the Local Council.

2. Engage Certifying Authority

An Accredited Certifier is engaged as the Certifying Authority to provide the Construction Certificate.

3. Construction Certificate Checklist Issued

The Certifying Authority reviews the Development Consent and issues the Construction Certificate checklist.

4 . Compile Documentation

The owner or applicant compiles the required documentation in accordance with the Construction Certificate checklist.

5. Documentation Review & Construction Certificate Issued

The documentation is reviewed by the Certifying Authority and if satisfactory the Construction Certificate issued.  

6. Engage Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

An Accredited Certifier is engaged as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

7. Notice of Commencement

The Local Council requires a written notice to be issued two days prior to commencing construction. This will be issued by the PCA.

8. Commence Construction

Construction can now commence.

9. Critical Stage Inspections

The PCA will undertake the mandatory critical stage inspections during construction. It is the builders or owners responsibility to notify the PCA when the works are ready for inspection. 

10. Occupation Certificate Application

The construction has been completed. The owner or applicant will submit the Occupation Certificate application form, request the final inspection and compile supporting documentation as per the Occupation Certificate checklist issued by the PCA.

11. Occupation Certificate Issued

If all required documentation has been received and the final inspection was satisfactory the Occupation Certificate will be issued by the PCA and lodged with the Local Council.

12. Occupation and Use of Building

It is now permissible to occupy and use the building in accordance with the ongoing conditions within the Development Consent.

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