Andson Building Certifiers brings you a combined over 60 years of experience in the Building and Construction industry and over 12 years in business.

After a life-time within the drafting, quality assurance and construction industry Steve obtained his A2 Certification in 2007. With his certification secured he, along with his wife Glen, started Andson Building Certifiers in early 2007. Glen brings with her a background in book keeping and administration along with a meticulous and helpful nature that supports Andson’s clients.

A couple that keep family close to their heart, they named the business after their children Andrew (And) and Alison (son) to make Andson.

Their son, Andrew, a carpenter by trade remains a close confidant to the business and a way for Andson Building Certifiers to always remain in touch with understanding a project from “the other side”.

Their daughter, Alison, supports Andson Building Certifiers through the assistance of the marketing, events and administration.

Anthony has joined Andson Building Certifiers and with 17 years experience working in the building industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the construction industry and has a Bachelor of Building Construction Management. Anthony is a qualified A4 and E1 certifier.

As a family orientated business it’s with that same warmth and accommodating nature that we embark on the journey with our clients throughout their project.

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